Why Teaching Should Be the ‘Prime Choice’

The Future of Learning

It is a fact that some students who are being trained to become a teacher have tried some other studies before entering in teacher training.

This is the case now and will also be the case in the future. No problem if the student tried something else first. But the problem is their motivation to enter teacher training.

“At last this I can do, I think” is not the mindset expected from a person who will be responsible for a very important impact on a child’s education.

In some countries a university degree is needed to become a teacher even in kindergarten and primary. This cognitive training is accompanied with intense skills training.

New pedagogies are dismantled, discussed and well chosen mentors assist the teachers to-be.

Every child has the right to unequal education.

(Martin Valcke, Ghent University | UGhent · Department of Educational Studies)

We know that teaching will become more complex as there will be much more challenges to tackle. This is because ‘the world’ is evolving constantly.

Kids are needed to be trained in problem-solving. This requires a special kind of teaching and teacher that highly value ‘diversity‘.

The future of learning

It’s not what you know that counts, it’s what you can learn.

Blended learning and teaching, true personalised learning, peer to peer learning as well as social-emotional learning will become the norm. There will be no more a thing as ‘average’.

Teacher training institutes will have to shift more and more in order to ‘deliver’ teachers that are future oriented. And only the very best students should be allowed to pass.

Becoming a teacher should be the prime choice.


Karel Overlaet is a family man, Senior Business Development Manager, creator of bingel (European market leading e-learning platform), owner of Medianaut, chairman Varen voor Autisme vzw (npo), nautical journalist and photographer, passionate about RIBs. karel@medianaut.be – Berchem – Belgium

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