Could This Be the School for Your Child’s Future

I’m not talking about this building. Schools as we know them today will be visible only on foto’s and video’s in a museum in this new era. That century old concept will cease to exist.

No longer will kids get crammed together in the same room for most of the day, harnessed by creativity-less curricula.

‘Schools’ will become learning hubs where space is king. The ‘learning hub’ no longer consists of corridors and classrooms next to one another.

The whole building is a huge space with muffling ceilings and walls. Smaller hubs inside provide the necessary learning spaces.

There are some spaces that are separated from the general space. They’re kind of build ‘on’ on the outside. These are well equipped and cool arranged to invite kids to take some time to themselves, study alone or rest.

On the roof there are no solar panels but horizontal solar sails that slide over the roof to get a maximum exposure.

All liquids are recycled and outside this campus the grounds are arranged to allow for outdoor activities.

Kids come to the learning hub by foot, bicycle, driverless hover drive or driverless small cars. The two last ones park themselves automatically is a space saving garage, a sort of tower that disappears in the ground. To leave school the owner sends out a unique signal and the vehicle is prompted.

Pupils are no longer grouped by date of birth. This has been the case for some decennia.

They all have personalized learning paths so groups merely exist when the teacher needs to instruct some pupils.

Yes there are also group moments that bring more peers together. In fact for some activities this is the best choice.

Content used to being pushed to all pupils at the same moment in the same way regardless their state mind is unheard of. Personalized learning has been the standard for many, many years now.

Teaching and learning will be data driven and it will be ‘the new normal’.

The teacher will become even more important than is the case now. Her or his role will be unarguable crucial in the succes of adaptive learning and personal development.

This approach is so efficient that in the ‘old’ system pupils would skip on average 1 to 2 years.

e-paper in the year 2015
e-paper in the year 2015

This learning hub  is 100% paperless.

Prices of papier rocketed when the awareness of the green planet forced woodmills to shut down. If there is something like paper, it is e-paper with e-inkt, consuming almost nothing on the energy level. In fact it derives its energy from the light.

You can ‘write’ on it, the content can be transferred and a good shake cleans it all. When pressing the minimize button the e-paper is no bigger than a credit card (that don’t exist anymore).

For kids tablets will be something of their parents’ youth. They heard fun stories about it. The kids perceive tablets as cute and at the same time kind of awkward since it had no voice interaction.

Space consuming pc’s are no more than merely a curiosity: an immens keyboard and a mouse both to use at the same time. The future kids don’t get it.

None of these appliances are present in learning processes in the school of the future. It’s all about evolved wearables.

New techie devices are looming on the horizon: they’re organic consuming very little energy. An impressive breakthrough.

There are even secret experiments going on on how to ‘upload’ knowledge into the human brain. This was said way back in 2015 it could never be done.

Wearables will be practically invisible.
Wearables will be practically invisible.

Learning new languages has a total new approach. All people have a wearable that translates in real time.

It’s amazing how fast the pupils pick up words, syntaxis, vocabulary and get to speak the new language. It is no exception to speak on average 6 languages fluently, no translation needed anymore.

Writing a new language is no longer a necessity since finishing a sentence translates it automatically to the other language. But some pupils also see this as a challenge and master the new language without the translator function.

Parents love the school of the future because they can take holidays with their offspring whenever they want.

Thanks to the advanced personalized learning principle this is not a problem at all.

The system finally has evolved from a strict and child unfriendly tight corset to an open and engaging opportunity.

Conformity is an educational concept grand-parents heard from their parents. There are no strict hours to attend the learning hub so parents get to spend much more quality time with their kids during the day.

Breakfast together, no stress, no rush, no more arriving too late at the learning hub etc.

Drop out rates are reduced to 0% and there is no longer such things as skipping school and unlawful absent. Parents are reassured and support the new system with respect.

But the most beautiful philosophy of the new educational system is that it embraces diversity in the broadest sense possible.


Karel Overlaet is a family man, Senior Business Development Manager, creator of bingel (European market leading e-learning platform), owner of Medianaut, chairman Varen voor Autisme vzw (npo), nautical journalist and photographer, passionate about RIBs. – Berchem – Belgium

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