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Liberating education: how schools can empower and transform | Trish Millines Dziko | TEDxSeattle

In her 2021 TEDxSeattle talk, Trish Millines Dziko asserts that the teaching techniques most commonly used in our public education system are in need of radical reform.

She asks, “What would happen if we rebuilt public schools to develop the genius in every student, and give them the tools to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, ideators, and leaders?”

She explains how her nonprofit organization successfully collaborates with public schools to help change school culture, implement project-based learning, center racial equity, and enable students to actively participate in their own education.

Through real-world examples and stories, Trish’s talk challenges us to consider how we can promote student-centered teaching, and ensure our schools are educating, and not just “schooling” our youth.

00:55 – Project based learning explained
10:20 – Steps to rebuild public education