Learning Preferences and Common Sense

Common sense is the key to the correct interpretation of the learning preference.

I like the approach of Howard Gardner describing 7 learning preferences. Some narrow minded persons think that you only have one way learning  for each subject and for the rest of your life. This is not the case.

Howard Gardners 7 learning styles - Karel Overlaet
Howard Gardner’s 7 learning preferences

You have a preference for a certain way of learning and they can be different from one subject to another.

The problem today is that educational institutions use a uniform way of learning.

But as learners are as different as your kids are this uniformity is subject to change. Our educational processes are still that of the industrial age where striving to conformity was noble and key.

The time has come to open our eyes and see that we have to focus on diversity. And so is the case with learning preferences.


Karel Overlaet is a family man, Senior Business Development Manager, creator of bingel (European market leading e-learning platform), owner of Medianaut, chairman Varen voor Autisme vzw (npo), nautical journalist and photographer, passionate about RIBs. karel@medianaut.be – Berchem – Belgium

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