Is the teacher still the killer app in the future of learning?

A few decades from now how will teaching look like? How will schools be organized and what about learning materials? I strongly believe that if personalised learning is the future for K-12 schools publishers will go through an important transformation from one size fits all to offering solutions for teachers to tune the learning materials to the needs of their pupils. I wrote another article on that thought in this article Could this be the school of the future. Continue reading


4 reasons why touch tv’s will replace the IWB’s in the classrooms

When I spoke in 2003 about using interactive whiteboards (IWB) in classrooms, not many people took me seriously. It was too expensive and there was no added value for the teachers and their pupils. Now (2015) more than 60 % of primary education schools in Flanders, Belgium have IWB in combination with a beamer installed. No, I don’t sell IWB’s nor beamers but the company I work at – VAN IN – does yearly research on that matter. This implementation of ICT seemed for many teachers very feasible thanks to the educational content that fits within the didactical processes and is provided by the educational publishers as addition to their methodes. So why will the IWB’s get replaced by smart touch tv’s in the future?

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