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Karel Overlaet
Karel Overlaet, inventor of Bingel

Learning has been one of my passions since more than 35 years. I was a teacher, school leader, teacher coach, publisher, e-learning specialist, cms expert, content architect and now business development manager. From publisher on I work at VAN IN’s in Belgium. In the 80’s I worked with MSX computers and was chairman of a small but successful educational software company. We felt like pioneers at that time. Ever since I was a teacher ICT was –  and still is – an important part of my daily life. My beautiful wife and two daughters are infected with the ICT virus as well. Lucky for us there is no cure. But don’t be mistaken: we love long beach walks, the silence of the wood, the company of each other, talking for hours and listening to some fine music.

You will find also Medianaut in my footer. I’m the owner of the nautical news and photo agency. Taking photographs of impressive powerboats is another passion of mine. Feel free to visit my Medianaut FaceBook page to see some of my work.

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