If reading came after gaming


Gaming was long time considered to be evil, disruptive and antisocial. The mind of the youngsters would become poisoned and  brainwashed. The murderer’s free time was investigated and guess what. Right, he liked to play shoot ‘m ups implying that it must be the bad influence of games that made him a nutcase. That was the case more than a decade ago and this 2012 study by Hull, Draghici and Sargent, proves that there is a correlation between gaming and risky driving. Mind my saying but nowadays there are greater risks for our youth than gaming.

Back in 2006 I’ve found this cool video imagining how the world would think about reading and books when they came after gaming. This video was launched when the discussion about gaming peaked. Daring, to say the least.

 Interesting isn’t it.

Nowadays there’s a lot of talking going on about gamificiation, even in the classrooms. It is now considered as essential which I applaud. A fine example of such an approach is bingel, Belgian’s market leading exercise platform which has already been launched in Sweden and will be in Finland september 2015. The video is in Flemish but you’ll get the hang of it.

 Good use of gamification triggers and rewards users by using smart algoritms that feed the adaptive learning paths. Even if you fail you’re not punished but motivated. bingel has it all hence the success. More than 80 % of the kids in Primary Education in Flanders use bingel.

‘Nuff said.

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