A lifetime of change

Anyone who started working in the 60’s and 70’s never thought that their lives would be impacted by technology in a never ending pace. Fax machines, personal computers, internet for all, the first mobile phones, mp3, widescreen color tv, flat screens, digital photography and video, car computers, GPS, YouTube, Yahoo, Google, and so on. I’m sure you can name a lot more fantastic innovations you encountered in your life and made a change. At first these innovations came gradually and the impact on the daily job wasn’t transforming the way whole companies were organized.

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Is the teacher still the killer app in the future of learning?

A few decades from now how will teaching look like? How will schools be organized and what about learning materials? I strongly believe that if personalised learning is the future for K-12 schools publishers will go through an important transformation from one size fits all to offering solutions for teachers to tune the learning materials to the needs of their pupils. I wrote another article on that thought in this article Could this be the school of the future. Continue reading