A lifetime of change

Anyone who started working in the 60's and 70's never thought that their lives would be impacted by technology in a never ending pace. Fax machines, personal computers, internet for all, the first mobile phones, mp3, widescreen color tv, flat screens, digital photography and video, car computers, GPS, YouTube, Yahoo, Google, and so on. I'm … Continue reading A lifetime of change

Is the teacher still the killer app in the future of learning?

A few decades from now how will teaching look like? How will schools be organized and what about learning materials? I strongly believe that if personalised learning is the future for K-12 schools publishers will go through an important transformation from one size fits all to offering solutions for teachers to tune the learning materials … Continue reading Is the teacher still the killer app in the future of learning?

E-zine future of learning

Since Monday, Jan. 26 2015 I'm writing an e-zine about the future of learning. It contains well chosen, relevant and exiting articles that will trigger you. At least, that's what I hope. We're living in exponential times. A major shift is happening in education. How long will the established system survive, a system that is build to … Continue reading E-zine future of learning

Could this be the school for your child’s future

I'm not talking about this building. Schools as we know them today will be visible only on foto's and video's in a museum in this new era. That century old concept will cease to exist. No longer will kids get crammed together in the same room for most of the day, harnessed by creativity-less curricula. … Continue reading Could this be the school for your child’s future

24th June 2014: the day I stopped handwriting

I never thought that day would actually come. It all started a year ago with mixed feelings about the way I took written notes and converting them into reports, action points, next appointments, etc. on my laptop in my office. It was actually spending more time than needed. I don't like to use my laptop … Continue reading 24th June 2014: the day I stopped handwriting

Bingel on Edsurge’s podcast (CA, USA)

EdSurge was started in 2011 by Betsy Corcoran, Matt Bowman, Nick Punt and Agustin Vilaseca to connect the emerging community of edtech entrepreneurs and educators. They want to share detailed information about what new technologies could--and could not--do to support learning. John Martin, chief executive of Sanoma Learning, which lays claim to being continental Europe's biggest pure-play education company. Martin … Continue reading Bingel on Edsurge’s podcast (CA, USA)